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To Parents & Athletes – We had a great time at our Nocatee Football Camp. Athletes learned how to increase their speed, agility, offense and defensive skills. They included with several big-time plays in their football games. They key to continuous growth is practice and more instructions.   Parents please look at your schedule and make sure you sign for the remaining Summer Football Camps to get continuous training by the Pros Like the Pros!


Nocatee Football Camp Highlight Video

Testimonials and Reflections

  • I have 2 boys, 9 and 13. They have some flag football experience and have played soccer many years. This was their first camp with Coach Donovin and THEY LOVED IT! We attended Nocatee camp and then they begged to go back again, so we attended again in Ponte Vedra. I was so impressed with how much was accomplished in 3 hours. I ended up staying to watch (which was so fun and entertaining). The camp is so well organized. The staff is so attentive and friendly! The football drills were great and I loved how in a short period of time I was able to see a difference in their running mechanics! The assistant coaches were great with the kids, firm and positive! And Coach Donovin, I mean WOW! He is a special man and his passion for what he does with these kids is so obvious! He gave the boys a few short and VERY empowering pep talks (which all parents were also soaking it in!). He shared some of his personal story and shared his victories and challenges, and the importance of never giving up and working hard. Things that we always tell our kids, but it’s a lot different when it’s being spoken by someone like him, he really inspires! He connected with every kid and parent from the moment they arrived at the camp and made them feel special for sure! I could literally go on and on about the experience we had! The best $35 I have ever spent on my boys!

  • Coach Darius, My two boys had a great time at camp this week. You are a great role model for young men and women. After your closing remarks, I asked my boys what they thought. They understood that they are privileged to do what they do everyday. We discussed ways on how we can help others that aren’t so lucky. It’s a hard discussion as a parent to have with 6 and 8 year old But they understood. Thank you!

  • You have improved the experience since we attended a few years ago and I appreciate the additional staff, water breaks, and focus on safety for all involved. Even asking the parents to assist with water to the kids was a great idea and fun way to involve parents with the kids. I always highly recommend your camps and your Christian beliefs. Thank you for giving back and helping youth with a positive attitude. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • This camp exceeded my expectations! My son had so much fun and told me thank you about 20 times on the way home. I loved that Donovin encouraged the parents to stay and watch and interacted with the parents as well. I heard him telling kids to get off of their feet when they were supposed to be taking a break and I thought it was awesome that he was encouraging them to rest so they didn’t over do it. This was a great experience for my son and he can’t wait to participate in a future camp. A lot of these types of camps are out of our price range and my son was thrilled by the fact he would be hanging out with a former NFL player. I really can’t say enough great things about the camp and everyone involved. It was truly an amazing experience and I enjoyed watching them as much as my son enjoyed being a part of the camp.

  • I believe this is my son’s 3rd or 4th camp and he absolutely loves every aspect of it! His motivational speech at the end resonated with me, but most importantly with my son this time more than others. Maybe because he is struggling with certain things as he is going through adolescence and Mr. Darius tapped in on something personal. It was a good thing and so glad we attended! We will definitely be back!

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