Football Tackling Camps

The concussion rate in football can be reduced.  How?  Proper fundamental tackling.  Coach Darius will teach your youth player how to tackle properly through a progression of drills.  The skills learned will build confidence on how to tackle a ball carrier straight on and from an angle.  Coach Darius uses easy to learn cues that will help players to understand the importance of tackling mechanics.  This will minimize injuries and create a tackling machine.

The art of the tackle will be broken down systematically. Each progression of tackling will lead to superior confidence.  Confidence in your ability to tackle will gain you the respect of your teammates and leadership traits will develop.

Understanding cut back angles will help slower defensive backs make up for a lack of speed. Coupled with the understanding on how to tackle in open space; the lack of elite speed, as a weakness, can be minimized through this camp.

Lightening fast defensive backs must be able to lock in their target, under control, to secure a tackle.  In this camp, you will learn how to use your speed to make efficient, fluid-like tackles.

In this camp, you will learn how to defend against fleet-footed offensive weapons that come off the line of scrimmage like a rocket.  In this camp, you will build superior confidence to win one-on-one battles you will be faced with on game day.

The confidence attained at this camp will not only build physical skill but also develop a cognitive understanding how to play defense intelligently in a chaotic environment.


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